WaterSeer started as an innovative concept to an advanced prototype that's become a revolutionary reality.

A Powerful and Complete Clean Water System

WaterSeer™ is a green, low maintenance, and mobile Atmospheric Water Generator for any individual or community. 

WaterSeer™ provides an endless supply of pure water from the air for drinking, agriculture and nature. The WaterSeer Technology condenses water from the air by drawing water vapor into an underground collection chamber where the water vapor condenses as water. 

Start making your own water! WaterSeer implements a simple, affordable new technology that collects water directly from the air around us. WaterSeer technology is a rugged, low-maintenance solution. The devices are designed to work outdoors where they channel air into a chamber, cooling the air and providing fresh, clean water that exceeds all EPA standards for water purity and quality. 

A WaterSeer grid of 10 units in a 70 degree Fahrenheit and 70% Relative Humidity environment delivers about 1000 gallons of pure water per month. When sequenced in a grid of 20 units WaterSeer delivers enough water to support a 5,000 sq. ft. grow house, providing pure water for hydroponics at low power.



WaterSeer water exceeds EPA purity standards and World Health Organization guidelines for drinking water quality. 

WaterSeer offers a sustainable and new water source that supplements existing underground aquifer supplies which are currently being depleted faster than they can be replenished. Severe droughts, climate change, and population growth make water more important than ever. WaterSeer is a simple, easy to use and scalable for all types of agriculture to enhance sustainable landscapes, farms, and gardens.

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