The smartest all-in-one
solar system in the world

Smartflower is unique. In comparison with the static rooftop system, the unit starts earlier in order to produce the exact amount of electricity you need. It consistently maintains the electricity supply and even uses the energy from the last sun rays efficiently enough to cover your early evening electricity requirements. Afterward, it automatically closes up to its secure position.

The size of the system alone is no longer the measure of all things. What counts is a fairly constant production rate during the course of the day, in order to enable a more effective use of the produced energy. Smartflower achieves a degree of self-utilization of around 60% – a significant improvement over a comparable rooftop unit, which averages just around 30%.


  • All-in-One solar solution without extensive installation (Plug & Play)
  • Efficient energy production: up to 40% more output due to innovative smart tracking, on demand exactly when you need it
  • Thanks to smart cooling and smart cleaning, common losses in output due to heat and contamination are prevented by up to 15%
  • Ideal if roof installation is not an option
  • Smartflower can be taken along when you move