Some of the best things in life are free, like the wind to power your home and communities!

A Powerful and Complete Clean Energy SystemKohilo Wind, is centered around designing technology to harness one of the most consistent forces on the planet and use it as a clean, renewable energy source. It functions with; Controlled Wind Flow, Hydraulic Drive System, and Magnetic Bearing and begins to harness wind power across a 124-mph range from wind speeds as low as 3 mph.The cutting edge technology that Kohilo performs on broke the mold in wind turbine construction that out performs any other. Kohilo turbines are designed to grow with you. The generators and blade systems are up-gradable to further increase system output to accommodate your future energy needs. 'Beyond the breakthrough, what really stands out about the Kohilo are the functions about it; it's designed to be silent, lightweight, cost effective, easily mobile, and reliable for generations.Advantages:The electric grid in a 4-foot cubeTruly ”plug and play” operationAll electronics pre-installed at factory ensuring highest quality control standardsSimple and easy installation procedureFully deployable within 4-hours of system deliveryOutlets and circuits mounted to cube (base) of systemFull range of DC and AC power for extreme versatilityRemote WiFi monitoringSystem incorporates Trojan batteries that charge with prevailing winds enabling the use of energy on demand during power outagesExoskeleton encased, stackable turbines affording cost-effective expansion

The units are designed for everyone!Whether you are looking to generate clean electricity from your backyard and/or rooftop, make a stand to clean energy for your company while reducing the electricity bill at the same time, or farming the wind and use the wind to generate power for farms, or become wind power producers themselves. 

WIND today - GREEN tomorrow 


Inverters programmed to deliver stored energy during peak demand to maximize savings. The battery storage is sized to work with real time power production to deliver power when needed.


During power surges, brownouts, and outages, the system switches to stored energy as backup. The system also is programmable to adjust to many needs from power quality to time of power delivery.


Kohilo serves as your backup power system when the grid goes down, which gives you true independence and energy security.


Kohilo utilizes recyclable materials throughout the system construction to reduce the environmental impact.


 The different packages are designed to fit any energy need, which makes the system grow with you anywhere you go!

Kohilo Wind - Frequently Asked Questions

KOHILO’s goal is to preserve the environment and empower people towards change by offering affordable green energy solutions that are built to last for generations.


What happens to a KOHILO in extreme weather conditions such as strong wind, hail, heavy snow, extreme cold, or desert heat?

Kohilo turbines are built for extreme weather conditions and have survived the strongest typhoon ever recorded with up to 200mph wind in the Philippines.

How much area is needed for a KOHILO to operate effectively and safely?

Kohilo turbines need to be installed approx. 4 feet above obstructions, in some cases installing onto a rooftop is the best option. The base of the system is a 4 foot hexagon which can be mounted outside remotely or acting as the tower base of your system.

How does the owner know how much energy a KOHILO is producing?

What is the minimum wind speed required for KOHILO to generate power?

The “Vortex” will begin to spin at 0.9 MPH and commence electricity production at 2 MPH, considerably less than the cut-in speed of 7-9 MPH of traditional wind turbines. This reduced cut-in speed further diminishes the siting constraints and installation limitations plaguing horizontal axis turbines. The “Vortex” can be installed in any location and does not need to be situated on 50-300 foot towers for optimization. KOHILO’s technology does not need to scale these barriers for optimum performance.  

Wind Speed Map

Is the electricity from a KOHILO Wind turbine enough to power a home or business?

Yes.The Quantum Plug-N-Play Uninterrupted Power System generates between 7,200kWh-14,900kWh annually depending on available wind and sun.In 2016,the average annual electricity consumption for a U.S. residential utility customer was 10,766 kilowatt hours (kWh), an average of 897 kWh per month. Louisiana had the highest annual electricity consumption at 14,881 kWh per residential customer and Hawaii had the lowest at 6,061 kWh per residential customer

Why are KOHILO Wind turbines more efficient than traditional horizontal wind turbines?

KOHILO Wind turbines are unique in that they condition the wind through a diffuser system not used in traditional turbines, which in turn harnesses the energy more efficiently and increases power production. This elevates the potential for wind turbines drastically, making the clean energy source a reality even in urban environments.  

Why are KOHILO Wind turbines safer than traditional horizontal wind turbines?

There are no external moving parts. External diffuser fins are stationary and the turbine is within the exoskeleton making the KOHILO the only bird friendly wind turbine.  

“Even when the sun doesn't shine” you can still harvest a huge amount of sustainable energy from the wind!