AIR MONITOR air quality


PM2.5 – Atmospheric particulate matter (PM) that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers

Source: Any form of combustion, including motor vehicles, power plants, wood burning, forest fires, agricultural burning and industrial processes.

 Health Effects: Worsen asthma, heart attack chances, bronchitis and respiratory problems. Premature death from heart and lung disease. 



HCHO – Formaldehyde - Poisonous and colorless gas, with an obnoxious odor.

Sources: Disinfectants, preservatives, and hundreds of industrial and consumer products such as adhesives, carpeting, decorative paneling, foam insulation, drapery, fiber and particle boards, and permanent-press fabrics.

 Health Effects: Irritates eyes and mucous membranes in nose and throat, and cause headache and dizziness. It is classified as a possible carcinogen by the EPA.



TVOC’s – Total Volatile Organic Compounds – Total amount of any omitted gases with short or long-term health effects

 Sources: Paint’s, varnishes, wax, cosmetics, cleaning and hobby products

 Health Effects:

Short Term: Headache; Nose, Throat, Eyes Inflammation; Coughing, Painful breathing; Pneumonia, Bronchitis; Skin irritation

 Long Term: Affects central nervous system; Cardiovascular disease; Respiratory diseases (asthma, cancer); Impacts on liver; Impacts on reproductive system

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