Zoom Kohilo Wind - Beyond Bricks
Zoom Kohilo Wind - Beyond Bricks
Zoom Kohilo Wind - Beyond Bricks

Kohilo Wind

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Kohilo turbines condition the wind through a diffuser system to harnesses the energy more efficiently and increases power production.

  • The electric grid in a 4-foot cube
  • Truly a ‘plug-and-play’ operation
  • All electronics pre-installed at factory ensuring highest quality control standards
  • Simple and easy installation procedure
  • Fully deployable with 40 hours of system delivery
  • Outlets and circuits mounted to cube of system
  • Full range of DC and AC power
    • Exo-skeleton encased stackable turbines adding cost-effective expansion.
    • Remote Wi-Fi monitoring


Kohilo Turbine Specs

Power Generation Range
3 mph - 127 mph (1.3-56 m/s)

Rated Output (11 m/s)
2,500 watts

Max Output
3,900 watts

Cut In Speed
3 mph (1.3 m/s)

Overall Size
6 ft (height) X 11.5 ft (diam)

230 lb.

Multi-Stage/Exp. Axial Flux


Inst. Height Recommendation
10 ft. Above obstructions

Braking System
Dynamic Load


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