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Are You Ready for 100% Clean Renewable Energy?


The smartest all-in-one
solar system in the world

Smartflower is unique. In comparison with the static rooftop system, the unit starts earlier in order to produce the exact amount of electricity you need. It consistently maintains the electricity supply and even uses the energy from the last sun rays efficiently enough to cover your early evening electricity requirements. Afterward, it automatically closes up to its secure position.

The size of the system alone is no longer the measure of all things. What counts is a fairly constant production rate during the course of the day, in order to enable a more effective use of the produced energy. Smartflower achieves a degree of self-utilization of around 60% – a significant improvement over a comparable rooftop unit, which averages just around 30%.


  • All-in-One solar solution without extensive installation (Plug & Play)
  • Efficient energy production: up to 40% more output due to innovative smart tracking, on demand exactly when you need it
  • Thanks to smart cooling and smart cleaning, common losses in output due to heat and contamination are prevented by up to 15%
  • Ideal if roof installation is not an option
  • Smartflower can be taken along when you move

Energy Output

Normal Output Annual Output Self Consumption
2.50kWp* 3,800-6,200kWh/a**

~<100 kWh/year

Physical Specs

Installation Clear-space Weight

4 fastening points Earth Screws

or concrete foundation



*according to STC standards

**depending on the region


Temperature Range

Wind Speed before automatically entering safety position 1 or 2

-4° F — 122° F

1 : >29 miles per hour
2: >39 miles per hour


Module Performance Warranty System Warranty
25 Years 5 Years


The Smartflower Joins A few Savvy Highlights Into ONE Sophisticated Bundle


Hot modules deliver less electricity than cool modules. 10°C more means 5% less output. Since the modules of Smartflower are always rear-ventilated, hot air cannot accumulate due to their unique construction. This means they are 10–20°C cooler and deliver 5–10% more output when compared to rooftop systems.


Smartflower easily rids itself of dust deposits or snow by folding and unfolding itself. Thus, common losses in energy production (up to 5%) are minimized.


Smartflower is delivered as an all-in-one complete system and is operational within an hour. No complex assembly is required: the system
is firmly bolted to the ground or to a concrete foundation at the location of your choice. It is designed for maximum performance, and it is easy to use and maintain. It reliably provides electricity throughout the day.


Thanks to the astronomical control system, the solar modular fan moves horizontally and vertically along with the sun’s position, even when
it’s cloudy. This guarantees optimum alignment with the sun – an exact 90° angle – during the entire course of the day, even when the sun is low on horizon in the winter. The result: despite the lower space requirement, up to 40% more output as compared to that of a conventional rooftop system, which is only ideally positioned towards the sun for a few hours per year.


Unlike fixed rooftop systems Smartflower is mobile! When you move out, simply take your private solar plant with you. Disassembling Smartflower is just as simple as assembling it: just unscrew the four anchoring bolts and cart it away. And naturally the ground can be easily restored to its original state.


In continuous operation, the sensors permanently monitor the wind speed. In winds above 33 mph, Smartflower automatically folds into its secure position in order to avoid damages. If the wind increases further, 40 mph or more, it takes up the secondary security position (same as night position). The sensors continue to function and when the wind decreases, the system folds out completely and returns to its electricity-producing tracking position.

Tracks the sun for maximum performance

Astronomically controlled and movable across two axes: the circular solar modular fan constantly tracks the sun and always sets itself at an exact 90-degree angle to it, even when the sun is hidden behind clouds. The astounding result: up to 40 % more output as compared to a conventional rooftop system, which receives optimum sunlight only for a few hours during the year.

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