How much electricity does the smartflower produce?

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The best measurement of productivity is the kilowatt hour, usually shown as kWh. A smartflower typically produces anywhere from from3,800 to over 6,200 kWh per year, depending on where it is located. Particularly sunny climates, like Arizona desert cities, will produce at the top of the range. More temperate climates with fewer sunny days like

How does the owner know how much energy the smartflower is producing?

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At the moment, energy production is determined by reviewing the information provided by the control box inside the smartflower. Within the next few months, all smartflowers will be upgraded to allow for remote monitoring. That means, using a smartphone/tablet, the owner and/or the dealer may determine the energy production and whether there are any problems

Can the customer install the smartflower?

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Installation requires a SmartFlower certified technician. The smartflower is already fully assembled before it reaches the installation location and, thus, is very simple to install. However, placement of the smartflower requires a crane or large forklift, and connection to the building’s distribution requires a licensed electrician. Additionally, to ensure proper setup of the smartflower, it

What happens to the smartflower in extreme weather conditions such as strong wind, hail, heavy snow, extreme cold, or desert heat?

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Heavy wind conditions: In heavy wind conditions, the smartflower is designed to protect itself before there is a problem. If winds reach 29 mph, the smartflower panels automatically move into horizontal position (Safety Position 1) to allow the wind to pass over and under them but the smartflower remains open to continue producing energy. If

What maintenance is required for the smartflower and can the customer do it?

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Maintenance is required every two years—this is mandatory to preserve the warranty from SmartFlower North America (SFNA). It typically involves no more than lubrication of certain moving parts, checking to ensure all connections are secure, and upgrading the system software as necessary. The maintenance should be performed by a certified technician.