We gathered frequently asked questions about the Kohilo for someone like you who is interested in clean wind energy!

My town will not let me obtain a permit?

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That is no problem as the Kohilo Wind Turbines can be trailer mounted and installed as non-permanent, or a weighted ground/roof ballast tower, the trailer system also acts as an emergency response system and/or mobile use.

I hear that wind mills are noisy?

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Yes, conventional wind mills are noisy due to their excessive weight applied to the bearing surfaces, 100/1 transmission, internal motors, operation systems, iron core generator and low frequency developed from the rotation of the massive blades. The Kohilo Wind Turbines are designed to be simple yet overwhelmingly effective, Kohilo uses a magnetic assisted bearing system

I was told that wind energy is expensive? How much are your turbines?

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Our turbines are priced competitively while offering higher and more consistent energy yields, realistic mounting options, and creative financing so you never see out of pocket cost. Currently, there is a 30% tax rebate in the US for the purchase of wind energy from the Federal Government for starters. Some people use a home

What if I need a larger turbine in the future?

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Kohilo Wind Turbines are designed to change with your family or business needs. Kohilo can increase your output by not changing the infrastructure on your wind turbine unit but simply expanding the capabilities of your existing system. You can upgrade the blades, generators and inverter systems while maintaining the original infrastructure to reduce additional cost