What happens to the smartflower in extreme weather conditions such as strong wind, hail, heavy snow, extreme cold, or desert heat?

Heavy wind conditions: In heavy wind conditions, the smartflower is designed to protect itself before there is a problem. If winds reach 29 mph, the smartflower panels automatically move into horizontal position (Safety Position 1) to allow the wind to pass over and under them but the smartflower remains open to continue producing energy. If the winds reach 39 mph or higher the panels automatically fold up and down into secure position (Safety Position 2). So long as the smartflower has been properly installed, it should remain secure in its closed position, even in hurricane force winds.

Hail: The smartflower has been tested under significant hail conditions and easily passed the test.

Heavy Snow: The smartflower’s tracking movement over the course of the day and its self-cleaning function give it the special advantage of automatically removing snow before it builds up. If there is very heavy snow that builds up during the night while the smartflower is closed, it may be necessary to remove the snow in front of the closed unit before the panels begin to open in the morning.

Extreme Temperatures: The smartflower has been tested to confirm full operation at temperatures as hot as 104 degrees Fahrenheit and as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. At extreme temperatures outside of that wide range, the smartflower may have some diminished operation but should not be permanently harmed.

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