Is the electricity from the smartflower enough to power a home or business?

In the United States and Canada, most homes consume more electricity in a year than can be produced by one smartflower or the typical rooftop system. And certainly the same is true for most American and Canadian businesses. For most homes and businesses, which are already connected to the grid, a solar system serves to reduce, not eliminate, the customer’s reliance on the grid.

For those customers who are focused on entirely meeting meet their electricity requirements from a renewable source they control, the best approach is to use several smartflowers or to pair smartflowers with other renewable energy generators, like a wind turbine, geothermal, or even rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels.

One smartflower may, however, provide more than enough energy to power a cabin, cottage or tiny house. One smartflower may also provide enough electricity to power a remote agricultural watering station, a highway rest stop, an electric bike re-charger, or a myriad of other uses that do not have heavy energy needs. For all of these customers, their limited energy requirements can be fully satisfied by the smartflower.

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